UNA's New Website!!

Posted 3 months ago

Welcome to the new UNA website designed to better connect us as a group, provide special resources for UNA/ANA Members, and keep everyone updated on activities and opportunities for all Utah nurses.

We look forward to an exciting year and welcome your thoughts, feedback, and ideas!  Also watch for the August issue of the Utah Nurse newsletter where there will be a contest announcement regarding a “scavenger hunt” on the UNA website with prizes for the winners!

Please explore our website and be sure to 'Follow Us' to receive current  information on UNA Board Meetings, Upcoming Events, educational opportunities, and updates that can inform your nursing practice whatever and wherever your areas of specialization.

UNA is the only nursing organization that represents ALL Utah nurses and we encourage you to join us and participate in whatever way you can.  If you are not currently a UNA/ANA member, please visit the Membership section to learn the many benefits to membership and how easy it is to join.