Posted 7 months ago

Help make history for Women's History Month with the Equal Rights Amendment. This week is one of the most important for this vital amendment as the U.S. House can vote to remove the arbitrary timeline, by voting YES on HJR 17 THIS Wednesday, March 17th. 

The bill, HJR 17, is a joint resolution that will eliminate the last barrier for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, which prohibits discrimination based on sex. It was assigned an arbitrary seven year timeline, which has already been extended once before. You can read the full resolution HERE
Use the link provided below to reach out to your Congressional Representative -- Moore, Stewart, Curtis, and Owens -- and ask them to represent women in our nation and stand for their Constitutional rights under the law. Thank Congressman Curtis for his YES vote on a similar bill last year.
1. Click this link to connect you to your Congressional Representative
2. Input your details to be automatically connected to your representative in the U.S. House.
3. Include a custom message about why you support HJR 17
4. Hit the take action tab.  You're done!
Thank you for prioritizing women's rights. There should be no timeline on women's equality. Congress has the power to remove it and finally rectify omissions of the past. It's about fairness. It's about respect. Ask them to stand up for women. You can help push a 97-year effort over the finish line and make history in 2021.
Take action now,

Utah ERA Coalition Executive Committee
Kelly Whited Jones: (801) 599-7834 
Emily Bell McCormick, The Policy Project
Robin Hough, Women's Democratic Club
Erin Preston, Lear & Lear Law Offices
Daisy Thomas, Utah Democratic Party, The Utah Bee
Diane Forster-Burke, Utah Nurses Association
Vickie Samuelson, League of Women Voters of Utah
Teri Jewell, American Association of University Women
Diane Lewis, Women in Trades
Troy Williams, Equality Utah
Mindy Young, Equality Utah