UNA Board of Directors 2021 SLATE OF CANDIDATES corrected 08-02-2021

Posted 3 months ago

2021 Slate of Candidates for Election
 to the UNA Board of Directors for 2022-2024 Term
August 2, 2021 (corrected 08-02-2021)

UNA Nominating Committee Co-Charis, Dr. Linda Flynn and Dr. Sharifa Al-Quaaydeh, announce to UNA Membership the following Slate of Candidates for the respective Offices listed:

President Elect 

  Andrew Nydegger, DNP RN CNE

Second Vice President 

  Andrea D. Braithwaite MSN/Ed, RN, CHSE


  Peggy H. Anderson, DNP, MS, RN (Incumbent)

Director-At-Large (1) 

  Pamayla E. Darbyshire, DHA, MSN, RN, CNL

  Brittania Doxstader, MSN, RN

  Laraine Larson, MSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC, CNE

Nominating Committee (2) 

  Colleen Cawley, MSN, RN

  Pamayla E. Darbyshire, DHA, MSN, RN, CNL

  Laraine Larson, MSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC, CNE

  Melissa Vanderlinden-Loveless, BSN, RN

  Jamie Wankier Randles, MSN, RN


Important remaining dates for this election cycle are:

August and September Utah Nurse Monthly Update (mid-month via email)
  2021 Candidates’ Ballot Statements and Photos

Wednesday, September 30
  UNA Annual Membership Assembly via Zoom teleconference at which time the Slate of Candidates is presented to membership and candidates may introduce themselves and speak (optional).  Nominations are also permitted from the floor at this time.

Friday, October 1 – Friday, October 15
  Election balloting with same online Survey Monkey format as in prior years and paper option for those without computer access

Tuesday, October 19
  Election Results to be announced via email to all UNA members

Thursday, November 4
  UNA Board Meeting via Zoom 4:00PM – 7:00 PM

Please direct any questions by email to the UNA Nominations Committee Co-Chairs:
Linda Flynn  - lflynn@nightengale.edu
Sharifa Al-Quaaydeh  -  Sharifa.Al-Quaaedah@nurs.utah.edu