Utah Nurses Association

The Utah Nurses Association (UNA) is a 105-year-old non-profit organization that is the voice of nearly 40,000 Registered Nurses in Utah. The UNA Board of Directors is elected by the membership and is charged with representing the interests of the membership between annual meetings and governing the association according to the UNA Bylaws.
UNA leaders represent Utah nursing professional interests in a wide variety of meetings, coalitions, legislative hearings, conferences and workgroups throughout the year, anticipating and responding to the issues that UNA members have identified as priorities. In addition to numerous meetings with legislators, regulators, policymakers and leaders of other health care organizations, UNA representatives collaborate with specialty nursing organizations such as the Utah Nurse Practitioners, Utah Organization of Nurse Leaders and the Utah Action Coalition for Health to advocate for nursing professionals and the health of all Utahns.

Membership in UNA is a dual membership in the American Nurses Association (ANA) which now represents 4 million nurses across the nation. ANA’s Mission Statement is “Nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all.” Current nursing students may join ANA/UNA as “student subscribers” and begin building their professional networks and commitment to collaboration with others supporting the goals and activities of professional nursing.


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Dear UNA Member, The Summary Background below is provided about the Utah Nurse Practice Act Rule Change now open for public comment until August...

2019 UNA Board of Directors Election *Nomination period extended to October 1, 2019* See [above] attached "Consent to Serve" for each position...

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