UNA’s Annual Advocacy Conference/Webinar via Zoom


Friday, October 23, 2020 at 8:00am MT - 12:00pm MT
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School Nursing Services Ensuring Student Health and Safety

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School Nursing Services Ensuring Student Health and Safety
Friday, October 23, 2020
8:00 AM – 12 noon

Join UNA and the Utah School Nurses Association for an inside look at what our Utah school nurses actually do and what they could do with appropriate support.  Nurses and nursing students across the state are invited to learn about our grassroots movement to ensure human and material resources are wisely allocated to school nursing services. If you are also a parent, grandparent or guardian, this is a special opportunity to network with like-minded nurses in your hometown.  No travel or overnight accommodations needed!!! 

An important goal of this conference is to begin developing a statewide NURSE ADVOCATES network by geographical location to establish relationships with legislators to be their “go-to” resources regarding school nursing/school health. When the time comes to introduce school nursing services legislation, you will have the opportunity and knowledge, as constituents, to influence your legislators’ views. 

Hear from leaders of the Utah School Nurses Association, Utah Nurses Association, Retired Pediatrician and Health Care Advocate, Dr. William Cosgrove, Utah Representative Suzanne Harrison, Utah Representative Carol Spackman Moss, and Utah school teachers, administrators, parents, children and adolescents.


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