ANA urges the Administration to declare a national nurse staffing crisis

Posted about 1 year ago by Liz Close

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Please refer to the attached letter sent today from ANA President Ernest Grant, PhD, RN, FAAN, to Xavier Becerra, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services requesting that the Administration declare a national nurse staffing crisis and convene stakeholders to develop and implement both long and short term solutions. 

UNA applauds ANA's continuing consequential efforts to advocate for nursing.   Comments are enabled on this UNA announcement if you wish to respond (will appear on the UNA website).


Pamela Cleveland 9 months ago

I hope the ANA will realize from this what happens when the Democrats are in charge, and start supporting more conservative candidates.

Debra Nourse 9 months ago

SERIOUSLY???? I believe that the vaccine initiative was started by a democrat, the mask mandate was started by a democrat. The ONLY non believers and anti maskers, anti vaxers started with the previous administration which of course was republican. Ron Desantis (Republican) and Greg Abbott (Republican) are fighting like idiots to stop people from wearing masks in public (especially schools). What state have the greatest numbers of COVID, hospitalization and death?
So I'm really confused why this is a Democratic issue! AND I'm not even a Democrat!! You need some education!

Jan Jones Schenk 9 months ago

The best way to NOT find solutions is to turn this into a partisan matter.. it isn’t but it clearly should worry everyone in the nation who needs nursing care themselves or for their family.

Liz Close 9 months ago

ANA and UNA are nonpartisan and represent all nurses in all areas of nursing practice, leadership and administration. Neither organization "supports" candidates for office at the national or state level. Naturally, members have the absolute right to individually support whomever they wish!

Please note that Dr. Grant's letter focuses on the national nursing shortage crisis which has been a challenge in one form or another ever since I was licensed in 1975. The exacerbated shortage due to the pandemic has shined a spotlight on nursing regardless of politics and, of course, the virus is nonpartisan.

Kristi Lyn Van Dam 9 months ago

Thank you for advocating for our profession. This IS a crisis.

Debra Nourse 9 months ago

Liz, thank you for that comment. I've been very frustrated as a nurse who tends to get comments from people about their political status while trying to educate them about masks, vaccine, etc Unbelievable. Thank you again.

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